Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness

Kobi Peleg

Forum Presentation: The World Needs a New Global Order for Disaster Relief

Prof. Peleg is the CEO of P.K. Hagdor LtD, a company engaged in consulting, training, and coaching for emergencies, disasters, and crises for governmental bodies, organizations, and private companies in Israel and around the world.

Kobi Peleg is a Full Professor and the founder of the Disaster Medicine Department and the Executive Master Program for Emergency Disaster Management in the School of Public Health, Tel Aviv University. Prof. Peleg served as the Head of the department and the Master’s programs for 13 years (2005-2018).

Prof. Peleg was the founder and Head of the Israeli National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute for almost 20 years (2001-2020). In this capacity, Prof. Peleg led research and education activities in various fields of special interest in emergency and disaster management and mass-casualty incidents management. Prof. Peleg served as the Board Chair of the World Association for Disasters and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) in the years 2017-2019. In addition, Prof. Peleg serves as a consultant for the Israeli National Security Council, National Emergency Management Authority, Ministry of Health, and a multitude of other organizations, companies, and governments.

Prof. Peleg served as the Chief of the IDF Military Medical Academy (Col.) and as the Head of the Medical Branch of the Civil Defense during the 1st “Gulf War.” Prof. Peleg served in several command positions in Israeli Field Hospital to Rwanda in 1995, the Armenian earthquake in 1988, the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and the super–typhoon in the Philippines in 2013. Prof. Peleg is one of the UN Disasters Assessment & Coordination (UNDAC) experts and served as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) for national emergency systems and as a field hospital mentor.

Prof. Peleg lectures on disaster and mass-casualty incidents management, disaster medicine, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) optimization, as well as other related topics, at Tel Aviv University and other higher education institutions in Israel and abroad. Prof. Peleg is a faculty member and visiting Professor in several universities, including the Leuven University in Brussel, the Czech Technical University in Prague, the New York Medical College, the Eastern Piedmont University in Italy, and the Shihezi University in China. Prof. Peleg published more than 200 articles and chapters in leading journals in the world and won many grants.

Prof. Peleg served as Senior Assistant to the Minister of Health, and as a member of the Executive Board of Magen David Adom (Israeli EMS).