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Toronto Presentations

Toronto Congress Image
Below are the slide decks (as PDFs) from several of the Special Sessions that occurred at the Congress in Toronto in April. Many of the sessions were the result of the Track Team concept utilized for the first time at a WADEM Congress. Most took place in the early morning, late afternoon, or over the lunch hour.

Thank you for supporting these inaugural sessions!

Presenter(s): Session Title:
Kieran Moore A Public Health Emergency Simulation Tool for Enhanced Training in Emergency Preparedness and Response
Roel Geene, Pieter van der Torn, Dennis den Hartog, & Johan S. de Cock A Risk-based Approach to Emergency and Disaster Medicine in the South West Region of the Netherlands
Robert Mauck & Kelley Evans An Introduction to Animal Decontamination
Ahmad Firas Khalid Approaches to the Use of Research Knowledge in Policy and Practice during the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Bonnie Henry British Columbia’s Response to the Opioid Overdose Emergency
Alison Paul Canadian Red Cross: From Syria to Canada
Sue Anne Bell & Kristin Ringstad Conducting High Quality Research for Disaster Nurses: Challenges and Opportunities
Yasmin Khan, Virginia Murray, Ngoy Nsenga, & Jonathan Abrahams Disasters and Public Health: Implementing the Sendai Framework
Arthur Yancey, Jyl McGunigal, Brian Schwartz, & Todd Stout Emergency Electronic Tracking and Triage for Adverse Public Health Threats
Gerry FitzGerald, Joanna Rego, & Sam Toloo Emergency Healthcare Demand
Matthew Hunt, Donal O’Mathuna, & Lisa Schwartz Ethics Oversight in Disasters and Public Health Emergencies
Yasmin Khan, Mélissa Généreux, Bonnie Henry, Tracey O’Sullivan, & Virginia Murray Governance and Environmental Disasters: The Role of Public Health
Virginia Murray, Sae Ochi, & Claire Leppold Great East Japan Earthquake and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
Isabelle Doohan “It’s What Binds Us Together”: An Inside Perspective on the Benefits of Social Connection among Survivors, 5 Years after a Bus Crash, Sweden
Christel Hendrickx, Wim Hermans, Marcel Van der Auwera, & Marc Sabbe Hospital Disaster Victim Registration: A National Standard in Belgium
Elene Khalil, Ilana Bank, Tamara Gafoor, & Margaret Ruddy Hospital Mass Decontamination and Simulation: 10 Steps to Success
Johan von Schreeb Is There a Role for University-based Research to Improve EMT Disaster Response?
Kieren Moore Mass Casualty Secondary to Opioids: Overdose Planning Events
Jen Pakiam & Victor Cid National Library of Medicine – Knowledge is Power
Gerry FitzGerald, Joanna Rego, & Sam Toloo National Standards for Higher Education Programs in Disaster Management in Australia
Alan Nager, Solomon Behar, Bridget Berg, Phung K Pham, & Jeffrey Upperman Online Disaster Training for Clinicians and Non-Clinicians at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Vered Gazit & Laura Weingarten (Co-Chairs); Tudor Codreanu, Elene Khalil, Michael Frogel, Elhanan Bar-On, & Miho Misaki (Speakers) Pediatric Disaster Medicine around the World: Panel Discussion Summary
Joe Cuthbertson Prehospital Spinal Care Immobilisation: Roundtable Discussion Summary
Edward Malek Promoting Wellness during and after an Animal Health Emergency
Karla Vermeulen Psychological First Aid Training as Public Health Preparedness: Results of a Demonstration Project
Ron Bilow Radiology MCI Education
Ron Bilow Radiology MCI Plan Development
Jim Gosney & Jody-Anne Mills Rehabilitation in EMTs: Minimum Technical Standards and Recommendations
Nicole Desi & Odeda Benin-Goren Triage During an MCI
Christel Hendrickx, Pieter Van Turnhout, Luc Mortelmans, Marc Sabbe, & Lieve Peremans Willingness to Work of Hospital Staff in Disasters: A Pilot Study in Belgian Hospitals