Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness


Currently, youth engagement at the post-secondary level is minimal in disaster and emergency medicine knowledge development. Many graduate programs often require or prefer individuals to be working professionals in the field of humanitarian healthcare when they apply. To address the gap in learning for post-secondary students, the WADEM Student SIG (SSIG) strives to provide an open platform, resources, informational webinars, and workshops for individuals who are interested in or looking to begin a career in disaster and emergency medicine.

Recently, the SSIG has taken steps to attract new student members to WADEM. With the goal of bringing together students of all nationalities and in-turn future healthcare professionals, the SSIG has created a Facebook page to help entice new members to join.

Visit the SSIG Facebook Page

This page is updated regularly with introductory and educational material for new young professionals regarding the many sub-disciplines that WADEM encompasses. If you or any of your colleagues know of any students who are interested in WADEM please share the SSIG facebook page to them or ask them to email – – for more information.

Vision and Objectives

Vision: The vision of SSIG is to bring together interested students from around the world to strengthen their knowledge and skillset in disaster and emergency medicine and foster SSIG Chapters at institutions with resources and support for capacity building and greater youth engagement.

Objectives: The objectives of the Student SIG are to:

  • Provide a platform for interdisciplinary networking among students and young professionals interested in this field
  • Facilitate communication links between student perspectives and voices internal and external to WADEM's leadership
  • Develop leadership to champion WADEM and the student activities to the student community globally/locally
  • Receive feedback and make recommendations to WADEM on the development and implementation of student initiatives

Student SIG Leads

Humaira Nakhuda, BS
Student SIG Co-LeadCanada

Humaira is a Master of Public Health student specializing in Health Promotion at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate studies in Honours Life Science at McMaster University. Her passion for humanitarian healthcare, clinical public health, and youth engagement is reflected through her consistent advocacy and leadership efforts.

She is engaged in various activities in these fields through research on professionalism in global and public health, health technologies, and child health, and in her role as Co-Lead for the Student Special Interest Group for the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Student Representative on the Capacity Building Committee of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, and Regional Focal Point for Sustainable Development Goal 3 with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.

These experiences have deepened her understanding of research ethics, strive for health equity, and the need for trans-national collaborations and multi-sectorial responsibility to enable individuals and populations to improve their health and well-being.

Haddon Rabb, BS
Student SIG Co-LeadCanada

Haddon Rabb is a nursing student at the University of British Columbia and has completed a degree in Biology at Trent University. He assists with the provision of medical coverage at mass gathering events while also doing Search and Rescue with the Canadian Coast Guard.

He has held leadership positions within multiple prehospital emergency medical response teams and is an active mass gathering medicine researcher. His interests include mass gathering, disaster, wilderness, and emergency medicine.

Contact the Student SIG Leads using the email address below for further information on joining a student SIG or creating one at your institution.