Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness

Bruria Adini

Posted by: Andrew Lavelle; 28 March 2016; 6:10 pm

Dr. Adini has a PhD in Management of Health Systems. She is involved in both field and academic activities in which she facilitates the research of challenges identified in preparing for and managing varied emergency situations and implementing the findings to promote effective management of emergencies and disasters. She is involved in planning and implementation processes aimed at ensuring effective responses to different hazards that pose risk, including in studying, teaching, and validating policies.

Since 1987, Dr. Adini has specialized in emergency preparedness and response of healthcare systems to mass casualty events and disasters. She served in the Medical Corps for 17 years, including four years as Head of the Emergency Hospitalization Branch, where she was responsible for the emergency preparedness of all general hospitals. For three years, Dr. Adini headed the Emergency Hospitalization Department in the Ministry of Health (MOH). Since 2000, she has served as a Senior Consultant to the MOH on emergency management.

Dr. Adini has directed various training courses on behalf of the MOH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the World Health Organization (WHO). These courses aimed to develop and enhance emergency management competencies among healthcare personnel. She is a faculty member of the Department of Disaster Management and Injury Prevention in the School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, at Tel Aviv University. She is a board member of Local Authorities Confronting Disasters and Emergencies (LACDE), as well as a member of the Israeli National Council for Trauma and Surgery.

Dr. Adini researches various aspects of emergency preparedness and response, including advanced methods of evaluating capacities and utilization of social media in emergencies.