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Paul Farrell

Posted by: Andrew Lavelle; 28 March 2016; 6:43 pm

Dr. Paul Farrell is dual British and Canadian citizen, and practices medicine as a Family Physician. He trained in Northern Ireland during the worst of the “Troubles.” His clinical experience includes anesthesia, emergency medicine, intensive care, pediatrics, and neonatology both in developed and lesser developed countries.

Dr. Farrell recently took command of a Canadian Reserve Field Ambulance with promotion to LCol from his previous rank of Major. He is responsible for 130 military personnel with an annual budget of over $1 million dollars. Dr. Farrell has been directly involved with the British Army for 13 years and the Canadian Forces for the last ten years. He also is the Clinical Director of Tascmet Clinical Fx, a mass casualty exercise and training company, which provides realistic high fidelity casualty simulation within clinical scenarios for both civilian and military organizations on an international basis.