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Congress Overview

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine

WADEM has seen education as a key role in its development and to this end convenes its biennial international Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine. The Congress provides a stimulating and interactive environment to present research and findings, exchange ideas and best practices, and network with colleagues. The Congress contains a core scientific program presenting the developments within the field of disaster and emergency health, focused meetings for the organization’s various sections and chapters, research workshops, and the membership meeting of the association.

Over the years key collaborating organizations have included the World Health Organization, US National Library of Medicine, Evidence Aid, Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa, Chinese Emergency Medicine Society, and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Congresses have been seen as an excellent showcase for private sector and non-governmental sponsors and exhibitors.

The Congress is held on alternate years preferably in a different regions of the world on each occasion. Bids to hold the congress are open to all countries and are generally received four years in advance, with presentations from the Congress Committees being held both four and two years before the event.

For further information about bidding to host a WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, please review the Congress Overview document or contact –

Since the founding of WADEM, the following cities have been chosen as locations for the Congress:

Location Year
Brisbane, Australia 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2017
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
Manchester, United Kingdom 2013
Beijing, China 2011
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 2005
Melbourne, Australia 2003
Lyon, France 2001
Osaka, Japan 1999
Mainz, Germany 1997
Jerusalem, Israel 1995
Stockholm, Sweden 1993
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1991
Hong Kong, China 1989
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1987
Brighton, United Kingdom 1985
Rome, Italy 1983
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States 1981
Mainz, Germany 1979
Mainz, Germany (Club of Mainz) 1976