Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness

MENA Chapter

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Chapter was established in December 2019. The launching took place at the 4th International Conference on Mass Gathering Medicine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was led by the efforts of Dr. Anas Khan.

The goals of the MENA Chapter are to:

  • Define relevant disaster and mergency health care practice issues in the region; including Mass Gathering Medicine, Emergency Medical Response, and CBRN;
  • Promote the importance of disaster and emergency health care through publications, social media and other media, and conferences and other professional events that provide a platform for to showcase the Chapter’s activities in the MENA region;
  • Develop, promote and exchange scientific and professional information relevant to the MENA regional;
  • Develop disaster health care cooperation through the MENA region; and
  • Inform and advise the WADEM BoD on matters related to the Regional Chapter.

MENA Chapter Leadership

Anas Khan, MBBS, MHA
Dept. of Emergency Medicine

King Saud University
Khaldoon Alkhaldi, MD
Emergency Medicine Institute

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Chapter Committee Members

  • Dr. Nomai Mukhtar, Chapter Secretary
  • Dr. Nisreen Maghraby
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Hadhira
  • Dr. Loui Alsulimani
  • Dr. Yousef I. Al-Awad
  • Dr. Nidaa A. Bajow
  • Mr. Ahmed A. Aldayes
  • Dr. Taha Masri
  • Mr. Mohammed Abahussain
  • Dr. Adham S. Bardeesi
  • Mr. Maged Alsaihani