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Message from the Nursing SIG Chair

It was my honour to take over as chair of the Nursing Special Interest Group of WADEM at the recent Toronto Congress, and I look forward to a productive next couple of years! I would first like to thank Emmanuel Rohrbacher for his leadership over the past two years and look forward to working with him in the future.

I received lots of formal and informal feedback from members about where we should focus in the next two years. In our meeting in Toronto, we decided that we wanted to share some knowledge with each other and a wider audience. Many liked the research and wanted to be mentored or co-author some articles but also felt that we were missing some of the best practices or sharing of our current experiences with disasters.

At the nursing meeting we committed to completing a minimum of four webinars that we could then post on the website. I was also thinking that we could expand the webinar by also sharing some of our individual knowledge by posting some voice over PowerPoints, interviews or inspirational Ted Talk type videos, an assignment used in education, or perhaps a checklist or app that you found useful in the nursing disaster field. Maybe you just want to talk about things you wished you had known before the disaster. Let myself, Wendy McKenzie –, our educational lead, Mayumi Kako –, or research lead, Sue Anne Bell –, know what you would like to do so that we can facilitate support.

I have also heard very loudly that nurses want education credits similar to the CME that physicians receive, so I will be looking into that. I know the US has a process that I will be working along with our US members to obtain the US accreditation. I would encourage any members that if they know there is a process for obtaining educational credits within their own countries, or if anyone would like to work with me, we will try to get a process going.

We also need to start thinking about our next Congress. However before we start planning let us reflect about Toronto. Was Toronto what you wanted to see at the Congress for nurses? Was there something we could have done better? Perhaps we could have the meeting later in the day at the very beginning of the conference followed by shrimp on the Barbie, this would allow more time to get to know one another. What would you like to see? Is 20 minute sessions to little to learn anything in? What would help you in your practice? There are many questions but two years goes so quickly and we need to get started! Let’s make a plan!

I will be posting some minutes and the names and contact information for the executive so please do not hesitate to contact any of us!

Wendy McKenzie, RN, MSN, EdD (candidate)

Mission & Vision

Mission: The proposed mission of the Nursing SIG of WADEM is to foster collaboration among nurses involved in research, education, management, and practice in prehospital, emergency, public health, and/or disaster health care.

Vision: The Nursing SIG strives to be the organizational vehicle welcoming and representing nurses from all countries with an intent and desire to strengthen and improve the practice and knowledge of disaster nursing.


The objectives of the Nursing SIG of WADEM are to:

  • Define nursing issues for public health care and disaster health care;
  • Exchange scientific and professional information relevant to the practice of disaster nursing;
  • Encourage collaborative efforts enhancing and expanding the field of nursing disaster research;
  • Encourage collaboration with other nursing organizations;
  • Inform and advise WADEM of matters related to disaster nursing.



Wendy McKenzie, RN, MSN, EdD (candidate)


Sue Ann Bell, PhD, FNP-BC


Mayumi Kako, PhD