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Oceania Chapter Newsletter

The WADEM Oceania Chapter Newsletter was launched in 2010 with the establishment of the Oceania Chapter. The newsletter provides an outlet for members to share views and reports on events and/or studies on an informal basis. From such initial views at least one has been collaborated on and developed into a more substantial research paper. Members can also outline projects that they are developing and request advice from others for that particular work.

The aims of the WADEM Oceania Chapter Newsletter are:

  • Provide communication for regional members;
  • Encourage a collegiate relationship amongst regional members;
  • Update members on news and events such as health issues in the region;
  • Provide a forum for discussion on emergency medicine/health issues;
  • Give encouragement and support for research papers;
  • Allow publication of basic case studies;
  • Support exchange of information and work programs;
  • Promote upcoming events; and
  • Support the aims and activities of WADEM within the region.

Past Issues of the Chapter Newsletter

Past issues of the Oceania Newsletter are available by contacting -

Contact Information

Please direct questions, comments, or materials for publication to the Newsletter Editor, Joe Cuthbertson.