Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness

Marc-Antoine Pigeon

Marc-Antoine Pigeon is an Emergency Physician in the region of Montreal, Canada. He first completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at Université Laval, in Quebec City, Canada, in 2022, then completed the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Fellowship in Disaster Medicine in 2023. Aside from his clinical practice in the ED, he volunteers for St. John Ambulance since 2011 and has been involved in the planning and delivery of care of hundreds of mass gatherings of all kinds. He is Deputy Director of Prehospital Medicine for the south shore of Montreal.

He currently is an Adjunct Professor for the Faculty of medicine of Université de Sherbrooke, where he also conducts research, simulation, and training. He is completing a PhD in Global health, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Medicine at CRIMEDIM, in Italy, under the supervision of Dr. Gregory Ciottone. His project is entitled: “Health and Safety Planning for Mass Gatherings: Towards a More cComprehensive and Pragmatic Definition.”