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Karin Hugelius

Posted by: Andrew Lavelle; 18 July 2019; 3:33 pm

Karin Hugelius is a nurse (RN), nurse anesthesia (RNA) and ambulance nurse (AN) from Sweden. She has broad clinical experience from working in anesthesia and prehospital emergency care, as well as from disasters. During the last fifteen years, she has been deployed as a nurse, medical coordinator, and crises management expert or head of missions for several UN agencies, European Union and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

She has been deployed to about twenty conflict or disaster areas around the world, including Thailand, Haiti, Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Those experiences caught her interest in research about disasters and disaster response, and in 2017, Karin earned a PhD in disaster medicine. Today, Karin works as a senior lecturer at Orebro University (SE), teaching and conducting research within disaster management and disaster nursing with a focus on needs assessment, psychosocial response, the wellbeing of responders, and consular crises management. Additionally, she works clinically as an ambulance nurse.