Improving global prehospital and emergency medicine, public health, and disaster health care and preparedness

Guidelines for Evaluation and Research

Health Disaster Management: Guidelines for Evaluation and Research introduces a structural framework for investigations into the medical and public health aspects of disasters including: a standardized, universal set of definitions; a conceptual model for disasters; indicators and standards; descriptions of 14 basic societal functions bound together by a coordination and control function; and a disaster response template and two research templates. The templates are to be used in the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of research and/or evaluations of interventions directed at preventing hazards from becoming a disaster-producing event, mitigating the of such an event on the affected society, and/or responses to a disaster.

Volume One (2003)
Guidelines for Evaluation and Research: Volume One Credits, Forward, & Preface Page Number
I. Introduction
Chapter One: Introduction 1
Chapter Two: Methods Used for Evaluation and Research 25
II. Conceptual Framework
Chapter Three: Overview and Concepts 31
Chapter Four: Conceptual Model: Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, and Damage 56
Chapter Five: Functions, Requirements, Supplies, Damage, and Needs 69
Chapter Six: Interventions, Effects, Outcomes, Benefits, and Costs 103
Chapter Seven: Responses, Relief, and Recovery 113
Chapter Eight: Ethical Issues 128
Glossary of Terminology 144

This work was supported in part by grants from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Key Words:
analysis catastrophe; data collection; definitions description of disaster; disaster; disaster management; disaster medicine disaster phases; disaster research; disaster responses; extrication; health consequences health status; injuries; interventions; measures of effectiveness; medical responses; morbidity; mortality; preparedness; needs assessment; public health; research; research design; research methods; risk evaluation; scope; template; type; Utstein style; warning

Collaborating Organizations
  • Mediterranean Club for Burns and Fire Disasters
  • Nordic Society of Disaster Medicine
  • Nordic International Rescue Foundation
  • Organization of African Unity
  • Swedish National Board on Health and Welfare
  • United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs and
  • World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Task Force on Quality Control of Disaster Management
  • Jacov Adler, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Israel
  • Marvin L. Birnbaum, MD, PhD, United States
  • Professor Johan Calltorp, PhD, Sweden
  • Professor S. William A. Gunn, MD, Switzerland
  • Dr. O.J. Khatib, MD, Organization of African Unity
  • Professor Michele Massellis, MD, Italy
  • Ernesto A. Pretto, MD, MPH, United States
  • Robert Souria, United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs, Switzerland
  • Knut Ole Sundnes, MD, Norway, (Chairman)
  • Takashi Ukai, MD, Japan

Other Participants

  • Dr. Matti Matilla, Finland
  • Karl-Axel Norberg, MD, Sweden
  • Edmund Ricci, PhD, United States
  • Margareta Rubin, Sweden